Conference Attendees

Read what various conference attendees have to say about Israel Wayne.

I’m a second generation angry dad. You can imagine I have control issues. I had no intentions of liking you or the conference where I heard you. You were very relatable and honestly never thought of my desires as the issue. I heard you speak at a conference on anger and I almost reluctantly bought your book and audio messages. The next day I bought all your books because you were saying things I haven’t heard in all my time being a Christian. Now I’m only two messages in on your audio presentations, but I feel like this is so important and amazing. This is the best 35 dollars I have ever spent. I’ve been living my life in this ‘ boxianity’ and being nothing more than a helpmate to my wife. Things are drastically going to change. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your message and wish I had it years ago. God bless and praying for your ministry.
Conference Attendee
Thank you so much for working us into your (speaking) schedule! Your message, backed by a wealth of knowledge, was amazing! I truly hope we can arrange to have you back sometime next year because I’m going to fill all the empty seats with every Christian I know. We are all aware of our country’s political and economic freefall but not many are in tune to the more dire consequences of a total loss of Christianity. Most speakers have feel-good, motivational messages. Yours made us uncomfortable and I want to thank you for that! We all have a tremendous responsibility and need to take it more seriously! Thanks again and it was a pleasure to meet you!
Parenting Seminar Attendee, Ohio
Mr. Wayne, I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how God used your speaking session in my life! I was really kinda speechless because of the way The Spirit touched me and I couldn’t put into human words the greatness! Through you, God reminded me and showed Himself REALLY BIG and how I am so small yet so loved by Him. I love Jesus, but I didn’t know Him until four years ago, so this homeschooling world is new along with all other things. I just removed my daughter from her public school a week and a half ago. After Nashville, we were done! This all happened in about a four-week span. I prayed about homeschooling once, and God flew open the doors…And then He used you to show me how AWESOME HE is. So thank you for loving Jesus. Thank you for the work that you do! How blessed you are with your big, awesome, God loving family! Your speaking session was truth! My spirit even got upset when you started to talk about evolution and the big bang but my spirit got so excited when you spoke about GOD’s truth about the world!!!! Your knowledge may be more for me even right now than for my child!! Then, of course, I can teach her what I learn!! Again no words can describe it! Thanks again so much. Thank God! I hope He allows me to get into your books here in the near future. Even the picture on the cover reminds me of how God worked in my life in your session. The light of Him is big and the man is small! I will continue praying for you and your family and ministry! May the Lord just bless yall astoundingly and yall remain humble and awesome in the process!!!
With love the Katie M family.
Israel is a very intelligent, innovative guy who is personable and one of the best professional speakers on the topic of homeschooling and authentic home lifestyle that I have heard.
Maryanna Young
Owner, Personal Value Coaching
Israel, thank you for bringing important truths to us here in Montana. We really needed to learn them & it gives us hope for our children. We appreciate your passion for families and your heart for the Lord. God richly bless.
Terry & Karen E.
Dear Israel, we have been so blessed as a family to get to know you and to have you as a guest in our home. Your message is inspiring, encouraging and challenging. May God bless you, Brook, your children, and your ministry.
Ron & Karen
Israel, thank you for speaking truth! Praise God for you & your family.
The A. Family
As a former govt. school teacher I can affirm that all of what you said was true about what’s going in the schools. Thank you!
Wow, What a blessing to see and hear God’s word going forth. May you & your family be blessed beyond measure.
Tim & Amy M.
One of the best workshops I attended this weekend. Gave very applicable tools I will be able to use in my home. Made me wish I would have attended his other classes. Great!
I heard you speak in Nashville this past weekend, and because of you, I will teach my children differently. I never knew, or even thought of how or why to teach all subjects from my worldview. So, thank you for taking the time to teach and encourage homeschooling families.
Beth R.
Dear Israel, God bless you for taking time to come and teach and minister to here in Montana. God has given you much wisdom in your young years and we praise Him for your obedience to be faithful to the call. Thank you! And thank you to your wife & family for sharing you with us. In Jesus,
Jeff & Karen G.
Israel & Brook, Thank you both for your testimony! Thank you for your willingness to share & mostly for your love & conviction to our Lord & Saviour – and your commitment to not compromise! God Bless
Forrest & Ellen L.
Wow! Your conviction, character, experience is being used by God in my life! Please continue as it works for your family… as God leads. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & may God continue to richly bless you!
Jenna C.
We loved it and were very convicted. THANK YOU for serving and admonishing us!
Israel, God bless you & your family & the ministry He has called you to – Jesus radiates out of your mouth & your eyes! You have blessed us with God’s message & we thank you! love & hugs in Jesus,
Nance M. & Travis M.