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Israel Wayne is one of the finest and best Bible teachers that I know. I’ve interviewed over 3,000 Christian leaders over 20 years on my show, and I’ve got to say that he is one of the clearest, most balanced presenters and teachers that I know. I am very grateful for his life and what he does.
We have been praying for God to raise up another Billy Graham. He would have to love the Lord totally and be totally dedicated to Him. He would have to be young, passionate and pure. We think God has found that man in you (Israel). Honest. You could be that man, if only our culture would embrace you.
Israel Wayne’s experience in the homeschool trenches and sharp Biblical insight set him apart from the usual cadre of speakers and authors. My family has benefitted greatly from his books and hearing him live at a homeschool conference. He tackles the difficult issues with the sharp edge of God’s word. It is that kind of Christ-centered commitment and courage that will aid in transforming the Christian home into the discipleship centers God intended for them to be.
Israel is an incredible man of God who is doing incredible things. His knowledge about homeschooling, and his passion for God and education is inspiring people all across America and beyond. I would recommend him strongly to anyone.
Israel Wayne is wise beyond his years and a breath of fresh air when it comes to sharing the true word of God. His experience with homeschooling has helped many families concerned about how their children are being taught. I have had the great pleasure of having Israel as a guest on my radio show and he has been very informative about raising our families according to God’s word. Israel has a wealth of information about materials parents need for homeschooling and how they can get started. Many of my listeners found him very interesting and helpful. His passion is great and he is a great encourager. I would highly recommend Israel for your audience.
Jan Markowitz
Program/Music Director/Afternoon Drive “Host” WNPQ The Light 95.9
Israel Wayne brings new life to the conversation. His knowledge, wisdom beyond his years and love for Christ are inspirational and a refreshing change to much of the chatter out there today. His message to our audience was very well received and for all the right reasons. His passion for reaching out to homeschoolers and others with the Gospel and his own knowledge of discipleship, full-time parenting and homeschooling was clearly evident. He is a joy to listen to and a pleasure to have as a guest on the show.