Read what various pastors have to say about Israel Wayne.

Israel is a gifted speaker whose doctrine and scriptural integrity is very solid. I believe your church will be highly blessed by Israel and his message and ministry.
Bill Zebell, Administrative Pastor
Berrien Center Bible Church, Berrien Center, MI (Israel’s former pastor and current friend)
I have known Israel for at least 30 years. Having watched the development of Israel’s life including his marriage to Brook, the children who have graced their lives, his writings, and his seminars; I am convinced that he is the Lord’s servant for this time. He has a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and practical wisdom. He has a gift of speaking and presenting this knowledge that would be a blessing to any organization including churches or home school organizations. I am particularly impressed with his biblical world view which is desperately needed in our society today. His abilities and experience as a consultant in the area of biblical world view is in demand as well. You will find him a welcome and refreshing asset to your list of consultants and motivational speakers.
Gary Elfner
(Retired) Pastor at First Baptist Church, (Novi, MI)
I give Israel my highest recommendation. He's a great Christian speaker, husband, father, and author. He's spoken at the church I pastor as well as conferences I've attended.
Scott LaPierre
Pastor, Woodland Christian Church Woodland, WA
I know Israel Wayne to be a man of integrity who leads his family well. Israel is articulate and well read, having been in God’s Word and reading classical Christian Literature from an early age. His recall ability constantly amazes me, able to quote from past authors he’s read without hesitation. With a passion for God’s Word and the heart to impart knowledge of the Lord to all who will listen, he is equally at home with adults and youth and brings forth the truth of God’s Word in a challenging yet clearly understood way. Please consider having him speak to your fellowship or youth group, you won’t be disappointed.
Richard Grom
Israel’s former pastor at Calvary Chapel Sunset Coast, current friend
Israel is a creative and compelling person – he lives honestly, maintains a great sense of humor, and quickly accomplishes his tasks with excellence. He is a powerful communicator who uses all forms of media effectively to promote his message. Being around him is a joy and an encouragement personally, and hearing him speak is helpful and challenging spiritually.
We live in a day in which the Church is loosing its passion both for Christ and for Truth. We desperately need a spiritual revival that ushers in a truth revival that affects every aspect of life. Without this Biblical worldview we will only loose our way in a sea of worldly thinking. Israel Wayne understands this and that much is at stake. He is a family man and challenging speaker. Recently he spoke at a conference our church held that focused on this topic. Many attending were hugely impacted as he addressed (with humor at times) the philosophical pitfalls of our day, as well as challenges that face the family, especially raising up mighty young men of God equipped to change our world. I believe God is using Israel in our day to help our generation think Biblically and live radically.
Mike Curtis
Pastor, Powerline Community Church, (Sanford, FL)
Israel has a great gift to speak the truth in love; holding out God’s Word without compromise and yet with a measure of grace and encouragement that is not condemning – a “gracious absolutist.” If you ever have a chance to hear him speak/preach I encourage you to make the time to hear him.
I invited Israel Wayne to share on a Sunday morning after a great recommendation from another pastor. I was edified and our fellowship was quite blessed. His messages were relevant and Biblically based. I look forward to the next time we can host him.
Aaron Hemness
Pastor, Calvary Chapel NorthCity (Sacramento, CA)