Apologetics / Biblical Worldview

One of Israel’s gifts is to take big picture concepts and make them easily accessible for the average listener. Israel provides engaging presentations that are both substantive and compelling.

How Can I Know What is True?

There is a common skepticism today about knowing anything with certainty. It is assumed by many that if you claim to know something in an absolute sense that you are arrogant. How do Christians respond to this challenge? Can objective truth really be known and defended? This will be a thought-provoking and engaging session.

How Can I Know God Exists?

Is there truly an infinite, loving, personal God who exists, and can be known? How can I believe in God when I can’t experience Him through my five senses? Do I just accept it by blind faith? How do I answer the objections made by atheists and agnostics? This session will enable you to have certainty that not only does truth exist; God does as well.

How Can I Know the Bible is True?

If the Bible is the basis for our knowledge about moral truth, salvation and eternity, how can we know that it is reliable? This message looks at reasons to trust the Bible as God’s word, and ways to communicate our faith effectively to others.

Biblical Hermeneutics

How can we correctly interpret and understand the Bible in its proper context? Israel will share 15 principles to help us ensure that we are rightly dividing the Word of truth.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Bible Doctrine / Theology

There are guiding principles for Christian leaders that will help them to give sound Bible doctrine and theology to those whom they are seeking to disciple. Learn how to help protect others against cults and false religions that would seek to woo them away from true Christian faith.

How Can I Defend My Faith?

This workshop teaches you how to defend the Christian faith in a postmodern culture. The term, Relational Apologetics, describes how we are to communicate objective truth in a way that is truly loving. It demonstrates where the Church has been ineffective in evangelism and apologetics and what changes we should make. Learn to be gracious absolutists!

Creation Science Apologetics

Learn how you can defend a Biblical view of origins, with only a basic knowledge of science. By learning a few key concepts, you can dismantle any significant evolutionary argument. This is a great workshop for anyone who has ever felt unsure about what say when talking about Creation with a skeptic.

Christians and Pop Culture (Evaluating The Arts)

This workshop endeavors to establish a Biblical framework for viewing The Arts and multimedia. How can you tell what is good art, literature or music and what isn’t? What is a Biblical view of entertainment? Are there some forms of art that are more Christian than others? Learn how art reflects culture and culture reflects religious presuppositions. These issues and more will be explored in this engaging workshop.

A Biblical View of Economics

What is a Biblical view of wealth and financial stewardship? This session discusses both macro and micro economics and helps to provide practical direction regarding managing and stewarding money.

What is Postmodernism (and why does it matter)?

This messages explores the progression of human thought from the Reformation to the Enlightenment, from Modernism to Postmodernism. This session will help you recognize how Postmodern thought has permeated every sphere of our contemporary existence.

Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, Cultural Marxism & Intersectionality

This message follows the one on Postmodernism and give the historical development of Critical Theory as an off-shoot of Marxism and Postmodernism (especially as promoted and propagated by The Frankfurt School from Germany).