Israel Wayne offers insightful presentations on marriage, emphasizing the importance of building a strong foundation of love, respect, and trust, and providing practical tools for couples.

Biblical Marriage Seminar

5-part marriage seminar by Brook & Israel Wayne of Family Renewal. Nearly five hours of teaching.

Marriage and Conflict

We all know how to do conflict, but do we know how to do conflict resolution in a Biblical manner? Learn better skills for your marriage in this session.

Marriage and Communication

Communication is vital in a marriage whether it is about finances, intimacy, parenting or any aspect of our relationship. Learn tools that will help your marriage succeed.

Marriage and Parenting

It can be difficult to balance the marriage relationship with our parenting duties. Learn how to work together as a team and avoid being driven apart by your parenting roles.

Marriage and Intimacy

Making time for each other in a marriage is essential. It is so easy for stress and time restrains to snuff out romance and physical intimacy. Learn how to keep the love fires burning!

Safeguarding Your Marriage

There are many forces today that battle against closeness in marriage. Learn how to proactively and preventatively keep your marriage safe from harmful influences that can tear it apart.