Israel Wayne equips teens with practical and biblical advice to navigate adolescence and thrive spiritually.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Learning Bible Doctrine / Theology

Many teens want to learn Bible doctrine, but aren’t sure how to go about it. Learn the difference between primary and secondary doctrines and how to protect yourself against cults and false religions that would seek to woo you away from true Christian faith.

Developing Public Speaking Skills

Some studies say that fear of public speaking is higher than fear of dying! If you can develop your thoughts into a compelling presentation, and then communicate effectively, you will be given opportunities to influence the culture. Drawing on three decades of experience as a public speaker, this session will be practical and encouraging for teens who want to learn public speaking.

Waiting for True Love (for teens)

This session is for teenagers who are trying to discern God’s will for their life. Can God really be trusted to lead you in the major issues of life — like finding a mate? You may be surprised to learn that God’s plans for you will surpass your grandest dreams! Israel will share from his heart in this relevant message to young people.

Growing Strong Through Spiritual Disciplines (55 min.)

As Christians, we grow and remain strong through the exercise of regular disciplines like prayer, Bible study, worship, giving, service and much more. Learn from Scripture and Christian heroes of the past how to develop these practices.

Young Men Preparing for Life (for teens)

This message is what every young man should hear before he finishes high school. In the teen years, you are becoming today what you will be in a few years. This message contains a checklist of Biblical character traits that all young men should endeavor to achieve.

Christians and Pop Culture (Evaluating The Arts)

This workshop endeavors to establish a Biblical framework for viewing The Arts and multimedia. How can you tell what is good art, literature or music and what isn’t? What is a Biblical view of entertainment? Are there some forms of art that are more Christian than others? Learn how art reflects culture and culture reflects religious presuppositions. These issues and more will be explored in this engaging workshop.

Navigating Technology, Screens and Media

Teens today struggle with knowing how to balance their use of technology and screen-time. On the one hand, they need to know how to use technology in the ever-changing global economy, but on the other, we all struggle with knowing how much screen-time is harmful and addictive. This session will help give you courage and competency to navigate these difficult issues.

See also the Biblical Worldview and Apologetics section for more options for teens!